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Zillow Clone App

8 Essential Features for Zillow Clone App

Manually looking for a house or property is a time-consuming procedure, and people are finding it increasingly difficult to discover residences that meet their demands. People may simply find properties that meet their needs using apps similar to Zillow. The Zillow app has been downloaded by over 196 million people who are looking for a home. On the Google Play Store, the Zillow app has been downloaded over 10 million times.

With the growth in Coronavirus cases, online enterprises have a significantly better chance of succeeding than traditional real estate businesses. People can do the first level of screening by simply glancing at the photographs in the app, avoiding the need to go to inspect the homes.

Entrepreneurs can invest in the development of a Zillow clone app and earn greatly from the online business. If you want to know more about the Zillow clone app, this article discusses the important considerations that must be made to design a successful real estate clone app.

Basic functions of a Zillow-like app

It is critical to understand the key functions of Zillow-like apps before beginning the app development process.

  • Rent: People are looking for rental properties most of the time. Each property must include photos, a price, and contact information. Furthermore, several variables contribute to a memorable user experience. Locality and pricing are the most important factors that users consider when buying or renting a house. There needs to be a good algorithm for listing houses based on location and sorting the listings by rental pricing.
  • Sell: Property sellers must be able to post photographs, add descriptions, prices, and contact information. There may also be an option to link their other properties to boost their visibility.
  • Buy: The majority of users will use the real estate app to look for properties to buy. Chat and communication with the owner or agent should be possible.

These are the most important features of the real estate clone app. Want to know more about Zillow clone app essential features? To deliver a seamless user experience, the app development process should focus on the essential functionalities.

1. Login and registration

This feature will ensure that the software is straightforward to use. Users should be able to register and log in to their profiles using their phone numbers or email addresses. Integration with social media is particularly important because consumers can log in using only one tap.

2. View and filter properties

Users will type in their specifications, and the app will create attributes for them to view. Assemble a Zillow clone with powerful search and filter tools that allow consumers to quickly browse the available properties. Filters can be created depending on parameters such as location, price, and kind of property, among others.

3. Find out more about the property

Users will want to know everything there is to know about their future home or workplace. So, for example, information on the type, size, and age of the property and so needs to be provided.

4. A 360-degree map view

This interesting feature is worthwhile to have because it allows people to view the home and its surroundings without having to physically visit the spot. A heatmap feature can also be added on top of it. This will show purchasers the locality’s statistics, traffic flow, and population density.

5. Ownership of the message

Prospective buyers, sellers, and brokers can engage with their clients/homeowners via an in-app chat feature, where they can discuss questions and concerns about the property, as well as negotiating prices and deals.

6. Image gallery

As useful as looking at a house digitally, a gallery of property photos and videos can also assist purchasers in making an informed decision. This allows them to inspect the property in detail to ensure that it meets their requirements.

7. Use of social media

This function is extremely useful for real estate brokers and sellers. They can use it to share their property listings, along with the relevant facts, on social media in order to increase traffic to their listings.

8. Feedback and ratings

Another important aspect is this choice. Buyers evaluating a property would be interested in reading what others who have visited the property or used your app have to say about the services provided by your Zillow Clone. Given how customers love to share their opinions, this can be both a benefit and a liability. Nonetheless, this is an excellent feature to include in your Zillow Clone app.

Final thoughts

We live in a technologically advanced world where individuals prefer to obtain services online rather than through traditional means. Although real estate app development, such as the Zillow clone app development, is not new in the application industry, experts consider it to be evergreen. Through a full-fledged app like Zillow, entrepreneurs may continue to provide excellent service to their clients.

If you want to know more about the Zillow clone app, after reading this article you may be confident that you’re on the correct track to creating and launching an impressive and robust Zillow clone. Remember, there are numerous prospects to create and grow a Zillow clone. To become the next great hit, make sure you establish a market niche and design an app around it.

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