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kraft paper

The Sustainable Advantages of Kraft Packaging

Kraft packaging is a sustainable choice that offers many benefits to both the brands and consumers. It is recyclable, reusable, and has environmental protection features. The fact that it can be recycled up to seven times means that you are making less of an impact on our planet.

In this blog post, we will explore the sustainability features of Kraft, as well as all other advantages it offers.

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is a type of brownish, uncoated groundwood-pulp paper with an inner coating. The product can be recycled, and it is perfect for shipping because Kraft boxes are strong and durable to resist tears in shipments. Kraft paper is used in many industries today and is often used for packaging food products. Companies like Kraft are environmentally conscious, so they use sustainable packaging when available.

Why Does Kraft Paper Make Such a Good Choice?

The most notable advantages are its sustainability features, but there are also many others worth mentioning. For example, the strength prevents any unwanted tears in shipments, so you get your product without further complications or damages. Furthermore, the durability helps with long-term storage as well as shipping costs because you will not need to purchase new boxes every time. In addition, Kraft’s vibrant colors allow for branding opportunities and show off your brand name beautifully, so have custom printed Kraft boxes to excel in the market.

The Customization Features for Custom Boxes

Kraft paper boxes can be customized for your specific needs. For example, Kraft offers a variety of colors and sizes to match the customer’s specifications. This is great because you can choose the color that best fits your branding or product line for maximum impact.

The Finishing Options for Kraft Boxes

Kraft paper boxes are available with a variety of finishing options. The most common choice is silver or gold foil stamping, which adds an elegant touch to any packaging design. Kraft offers custom printing and die-cutting services for extra customization for those customers who want their logo featured prominently on every package. 

The Environmental Benefits of Kraft Paper Packaging

Packages made from Kraft paper have a much lower carbon footprint than other types of cardboard boxes because they are made from recycled materials instead of virgin products such as trees. They also resist tears during shipping – perfect if you ship delicate items like electronics. Finally, this type of packaging has been considerably more durable compared to other thin board types like chipboard and corrugated. Furthermore, it resists moisture and can be used for both liquid-based products like milk and dry goods such as cereal.

What are the Printing Methods Used for Custom Boxes?

Offset Printing is the most common printing method for custom boxes. It includes a transfer system where ink from an inked roller transfers to paper, fabric, or screens. You can set up your own offset press with basic equipment and materials.

Lithography uses chemical processes to create images on a stone substrate (e.g., lithographic limestone) or metal plate (e.g., aluminum). The process involves running an image on special plates treated so as not to be affected by acid etching compounds such as ferric chloride, zinc chloride, and potassium dichromate, which react chemically to produce a characteristic purple color when exposed to light.

CMYK is another form of printing that is done with four inks: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The CMYK printing method is preferred over other techniques because it can produce a broader range and gamut of colors, especially in the light to dark spectrum.

What Would Styles Look Good on Kraft Paper Packaging?

There are four types of Kraft paper packaging: Sleeved, Rolled, Open-End and Folding. The sleeves can be opened flat for filling by hand or with a machine. They also have the ability to enclose two or more pieces in one container while still maintaining their structural integrity. With rolled packages, only one piece is enclosed at any given time, but it offers an increased storage capacity over sleeved cartons because they take up less space on the shelf than individual items.

Open-end packaging does not require sealing and allows easy access to what’s inside. These containers come in many sizes, including long rolls that will enable you to customize your package size as needed. In the last, folding boxes offer fast assembly and maximal portability when shipping.

The Difference Between Bleached Kraft and Unbleached Kraft

Bleached Kraft: Uses less energy in manufacturing because it requires fewer chemicals and processes. The bleaching process is also environmentally friendly since the residual chlorine compounds are recaptured and reused during the manufacture of other paper goods.

Unbleached Kraft: Unbleached kraft offers a more natural look with options for branding that will stand out on store shelves. It is available in any color you choose from the Pantone Matching System (PMS) library, which can be customized to your own exact specifications if required.

The Difference Between White Kraft Paper and Brown Kraft Paper

White is the most commonly used color of kraft paper and is a good choice for businesses who want to maintain an upscale look or need their packaging to be seen easily on store shelves.

Brown Kraft can give your brand more character than white, but it won’t reflect as much light as well. A brown package will stand out more from its surroundings because you’ll have so many different colors in your environment competing with each other.

The biggest difference between using brown vs. white kraft paper for retail purposes is that retailers are less likely to perceive products inside brown packages as expensive. This means that if you are trying to sell a high-end product, it’s best to use white packaging, so people don’t think they will have too high of an expense when buying your item.

In Summary

In conclusion, we have discovered that brown kraft paper provides a sustainable advantage for customers. It can be concluded that brown Kraft paper offers a sustainable advantage for the customer and is also better for the environment.

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