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Website Optimization In 2021

Best 7 Important SEO Tips For Website Optimization In 2021

If you want to make your online presence felt and want people to notice your business SEO is one of the most important parts of your business. Every business needs to design a website if you want to boost your online business but is creating a website is enough? How would you make people aware of your website? Your search engine rank matters a lot if you want to make your audience feel about your online presence. 

You need to focus on your search engine ranking to get noticed. Have you ever wondered why few websites are always on the top of search engine ranking? It is because of search engine optimization. You can bring your website on top with just a few tips to optimize your website. You can hire the best SEO developer for your website who will improve your website ranking. You cannot neglect your search engine ranking if you want to grow your business. 

If your website is not in the top search engine ranking then your website will never be discovered by anyone. People will mostly click on the first 3 links in their search engine and more people don’t even go on the second page of the search engine so if your site is nowhere in the top 3 then no one will notice you. Here we will discuss the essentials tips that can help you optimize your search engine ranking. 

Responsive Design

The first thing that comes to optimize your search engine ranking is making it responsive. Why would anyone wait for your website to load for more than a minute? If your website is not very responsive you will also lose most of your visitors from your website. The search engine will never bring your website on top of its not responsive to users. A good website should be responsive. A good website takes not more than 5 seconds to load. No one likes to wait for a slow-loading website. 

If a user is surfing through your website, it should be responsive enough to improve your user experience. 


Mobile users are growing every day and if you want to optimize your site then make sure to optimize your website for mobile users. Not everyone is going to use desktop or laptop everywhere to visit your website most people will use mobile to search for your website. To improve your search engine ranking you should focus on the mobile user and give them the same experience as desktop users. 

Make sure every image and video loads for mobile users in the same way as it does on desktop. It should be responsive enough for mobile users. A mobile-friendly website will eventually boost your search engine ranking. 

Image Optimization

Images are important for visual communication with your viewers. You don’t want to post bad-quality images to your website or people complaining that the image doesn’t load? Your image should also focus on your relevant niche. Don’t post anything that is not suitable for your niche. Image optimization will enhance your search engine ranking and will also help your viewer to give a better user experience. 

Make sure all the images load for mobile users too as most of the web traffic is from mobile users and if your image doesn’t load for mobile you need to optimize it as soon as possible. 

Relevant Keywords

Keywords can help you target your audience. Using relevant keywords for your post will help you to reach more people. Google algorithms work in such a way that adding the right keyword will make it easy for your user to find the relevant information they are looking for. Keywords will also affect your search engine ranking. You can target your audience using the keyword. Optimize your content using the keyword. 


Content is the key when it comes to SEO ranking. You cannot post anything on your website to get more views. Make your content creation and engaging so more people will connect with you. Your content will be the face of your company. Use images, videos, and blogs to show your content to your viewers. People are not searching for anything they are searching for the right information that can help them. 

If you can provide your user with the right information, they are looking for then you can attract more users. Engage your customers with creative content.

Loading Speed

Loading speed is the key to your search engine ranking. Who would like to wait for a website to take years to load? It is recommended to make your website load quickly if you want more traffic on your website. Do a speed test of your website on different devices to check if it’s the same everywhere. You can improve your website loading speed by image optimization, using some light theme of your website. 

If it takes too long to load your website then most people will already leave without even viewing. Try free tools available to test your loading speed.

Improve User Experience

User experience can directly affect your SEO ranking. A good website focuses on both UX and UI for improving the overall experience. You can improve your user experience by making your website design responsive and beautiful. If your site has lots of ads and broken links or takes too long to load then all this can affect your SEO ranking and will give a poor user experience. 

Make sure to optimize your website for a better user experience. Check out for broken links and fix them. Quality content can also improve your user experience. 

You can hire the best SEO developer who will help you to improve your search engine ranking. You have to be careful about your website development. Anything bad can affect your ranking. Your online business is based on your website ranking. Not many people will notice your website if it’s not on the first or second page of a search engine because most people don’t even jump to the second page of the search engine. 

Most people will click on the first three links to search for the details. Reaching on top of a search engine is not so easy as the competition is real and everyone wants to be on the top. But to reach the top you have to be patient and follow all the rules of the search engine to improve your ranking. Various other ways are there to improve your search engine ranking but these are some of the important factors. 

Keep the focus on improving your SEO ranking with the tips. Constant focus and consistency can help you reach your goal with your SEO ranking. Internal links with your website can also help you to bring more traffic and improve your SEO ranking. Use keywords and good content to optimize your website. 

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