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Places to Visit in New Zealand

9 Best Places to Visit in New Zealand You Can’t-Miss

New Zealand is made up of two islands. And both the islands are diverse and beautiful natural surroundings. Known for its glaciers as its beaches, New Zealand is the perfect destination for adventurers and lovers of the great outdoors.

From sensational national parks to diverse and exciting cities, and pleasant weather makes New Zealand a place that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Travelers can ski on snow-capped mountains and enjoy subtropical beaches, learn about Māori culture and discover its British heritage, sip some of the world’s best wines, and can walk in the forest.

Although the South Island is large, more than three-quarters of New Zealand’s population lives in the north. Ideally, visitors should spend time on both islands, although choosing one isn’t necessarily a bad approach. Isn’t it great, Huh? So, what are you thinking about? Hurry up! And plan your trip to New Zealand now. Just grab your phone and book alaska airlines reservations online and save up to 45% off on every booking to any destination where you want to fly.

Highlighting 9 Best Attractions to visit in New Zealand Can’t-Wait to See

Waitomo Caves

Visitors to Waitomo Caves can see massive stalactites and stalagmites all lit by a population of phosphorescent glow worms that live in the caves and illuminate the space with an eerie light. Those with a more adventurous heart can choose to explore the caves via zipline or blackwater rafting, which involves holding tight to a rubber tube as they navigate the twists and turns of the underground river.

Tongariro National Park

In Tongariro National Park, which is a World Heritage Site, there are three active volcanoes, including Ngauruho, which serves as Mount Doom in the Lord of the Rings series. Hiking trails lead to Red Crater, an active crater at the top of Mount Tongariro. At the base of the volcanoes, visitors can paddleboard, kayak, and enjoy the large lakes that lie peacefully below.


Lake Taupo on the North Island is a large and beautiful lake formed in the caldera of the volcano of the same name. It is the largest lake in New Zealand by surface area, and the lake, in its volcanic bowl, is a beautiful place to visit. Some of the most beautiful Māori artwork can be found in my Bay Māori rock carvings on Lake Taupo, and along with the original experiences of Kai Waho, visitors can experience traditional Māori food and music.


Rotorua is fortunate to be in possession of a true natural wonderland, with recreational options for families, adventurers, and watchers alike. Its lakes are perfect for fishing, boating and just relaxing on the water. Māori culture is strong in the region, and visitors can watch a performance of traditional Māori song and dance in a living Māori village or at the Māori Arts and Crafts Institute.


Northland, as the name suggests, is the northernmost region of New Zealand. Its climate is subtropical, with lots of sunshine, warm temperatures, and pleasant days, and the region includes not only the main island but the Bay of Islands as well as a dense forest of kauri trees and an abundance of marine life. Snorkeling from the Poor Knights Islands, watching dolphins from a boat tour, surfing the Te Paki sand dunes, or enjoying a drink at the Duke of Marlborough – home of the oldest liquor license in New Zealand – are just some of the exciting adventures that await.

Nelson Tasman

The Nelson Tasman is the sunniest region in all of New Zealand, and its landscapes – filled with golden beaches, dense green forests, high mountains, and freshwater springs – reflect that sunny demeanor. On a sea kayak tour, visitors can see penguins, seals, and maybe even some dolphins, while on land they can visit Abel Tasman National Park.


In 1931, an earthquake devastated the city of Napier, killing more than 250 people and destroying many of the city’s central buildings. Resilient and determined, earthquake survivors immediately began to rebuild, and they did so in the style of the period. As a result, the city of Napier today serves as a classic example of Art Deco architecture, with distinctively New Zealand touches such as Māori patterns and aesthetic details.

Milford Sound

Milford Sound is a beautiful sight: Forged by glaciers thousands of years ago, its springs and flowing waters are framed by sky-scratching mountains that reach with their rocky fingers into the air. There is ample opportunity to watch the fires in Milford Sound by sea kayak, by air, or to scuba dive from below.


Matamata is a must-see for any Lord of the Rings fans visiting New Zealand. This small town on the North Island is home to a number of delicious cafes, and its location, located in the shadow of the Kaimai mountain range, is downright stunning. But what draws people to Matamata is its location to the southeast of the city. Also, named as the filming set and location for The Hobbiton, the home of Frodo Baggins and his Hobbit companions in The Lord of the Rings series.

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